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2023 British Riding Club Championships to aim for...

New year, new goals! There are plenty of championships to be aiming for this year, no matter what your personal goals are.

The BRC SEIB Insurance Brokers Novice Winter Championships

Taking place on 1-2 April 2023, The dressage and showjumping competitions are open to both teams and individuals, with separate classes across the two disciplines for both our junior and senior members.

In the dressage, two members of your team must ride a prelim test and two members must ride a novice test, with individuals competing in separate arenas.

In the show jumping, both the seniors and juniors compete (on their relevant days) in two rounds – for which the second course may be higher. 

The Ri-Dry Intermediate Winter Championship

Taking place on 22-23 April 2023, The Ri-Dry Intermediate Winter Championship features both dressage and show jumping competitions for both junior and senior members. The dressage sections include team and individual classes ranging from Prelim to Advanced Medium level and the show jumping includes both team and individual classes from 90cm-110cm.

The BRC NAF Five Star Combined Championships

The Combined Training and Combined Challenge Championships are being held at Aston-Le-Walls on 20-21 May 2023.

The Combined Training Championships is open to both individuals and teams completing a dressage test followed by a showjumping round. For teams, two team members will take part in the Prelim/75 Section, riding a prelim dressage test and show jumping at 75cm. The other two members will take part in the Novice/85 Section riding a novice dressage test and show jumping an 85cm round.

Both teams and individuals will have competed at the area qualifiers, highest placed individuals will be invited to the championships from each section. The winning team will be decided from the best three scores in both phases.

The Combined challenge is a test of the ability and timing of a horse and rider to negotiate a showjumping course followed by a cross-county course. Classes range from 70cm – 100cm.

BRC Dressage to Music and NAF Five Star Introductory Championships

Taking place on 29 September – 1 October 2023 at Bury Farm, the Dressage to Music Championships offers a range of classes for both senior and junior members allowing competitors to ride from prelim up to our unique ‘pick your own’ class, which caters for those wishing to compete at medium and advanced medium level.

The Introductory Championships comprises team and individual dressage competitions, split junior and senior, at intro and prelim level, with team members automatically competing as individuals as well. Teams of four will ride one of four tests each, two intro tests and two prelim tests. New for this championship is the mixed intro pairs class for those wanting to try pairs competitions. Pairs can be made up of juniors, seniors, or a combination of both.

BRC NAF Five Star Horse Trials Championships

The BRC NAF Five Star National Horse Trials Championships is a competition for both seniors and juniors, teams and individuals. The event consists of dressage, show jumping and cross country phases as well as roads and tracks and steeplechase for selected classes. It’ll be taking place on 4-6 August 2023 at Swalcliffe Park.

BRC NAF Five Star National Championships

Taking place on 2-3 September 2023 at Lincolnshire showground, riders are able to compete in a range of competitions at this championship, from dressage to style jumping both individually and as part of a team. With a mixture of direct entry classes as well as successful qualifications.

For more information about BRC championships find out more

No matter what level you’re competing at we’re more than happy to have you on a team, just get in touch!

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